America, Depressed and Troubled

Depression is an illness that is plaguing more and more people each year, even I can say that I have a few friends and loved ones that suffer from depression. Depression can be caused by many different things. You could have lost your job, had an argument with someone, broken up with your significant other, had a family member pass away. Many people describe depression as a black curtain falling over everything, leaving them without energy and making it difficult to concentrate, or causing the person to become quite irritable. Yet, many people do not seek help when they need it, even though treatment is proven to help.

In a blog I was reading earlier today I stumbled upon a woman named Susan, at who described in a blog called “Impersonal and Disconnected” about some of the things that trigger her depression, and things that help her get through depression. Susan says, “When I feel disconnected from someone I love then I feel sad and sometimes depressed… I hope you let those you love know how much they mean to you. Try to interact on a personal level so they don’t feel disconnected. If you are fortunate, those you love will be making these efforts toward you as well.

I found this quite moving due to the fact that most people take anti-depressants, or seek therapy, but this women simply asks for the love and support of those she loves. Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no way smashing anti-depressants or therapy because they definitely do help with depression, but if people suffering from depression could focus on the love they receive from someone like a parent, sibling, friend, or anyone else, perhaps more people would be able to conquer their own depression., a Canadian Internet-based pharmacy intermediary (license #BC X23), offers low cost, long-term prescription drugs. A professionally registered pharmacist fills all Canadian prescriptions. A certified member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, is ranked as one of the best Canadian pharmacies online.

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