Are Organics Really Healthier?

Organic foods are foods that are grown without synthetic additives or chemicals. It like eating food from 50 years ago, before sprays and chemicals were used in farming. Organic meat means the animals are fed with natural foods and aren’t medicated with growth hormones or other advancements.

Tests showed that 65 per cent of the regular fruit had pesticide residue, while only 17 per cent of organic fruit showed pesticide remains. In vegetables, 67 per cent showed remains of pesticides, while only 16 per cent of organic fruits did. These results included imported fruits.

Not all organic foods will prove pesticide free. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says that “there is no guarantee the product will be free from pesticides or free from residues and free from other things that are not permitted.”

A study showed that kids put on an organic diet showed no pesticides in their test samples after 7 days, when before they were consuming between 3 and 10 pesticide residues per day.

Organic foods cost more. Regular green peppers cost 1.49 dollars per pound today, whereas organic green peppers cost 1.99 dollars per pound today. Organic meat and dairy products cost a lot more than the regular options.

Organic foods have higher levels (approximately 27 percent higher) of vitamin C and magnesium than non-organics. As well, in organic livestock have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid.

Organic food is grown in lovely fertile soil. The reason it is so lovely, is because the most soil is fertilized with manure. Manure contains E Coli which may be fatal. 3 people in the US were killed in 2006 due to organic spinach polluted with E Coli.

Although organic foods may have great health benefits, they may still be unsafe. Plainly ask your organic dealer if their organic foods were grown in manure to be safe.


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