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5 ways to avoid the common cold

Nobody want’s to catch the cold – it’s one of those nasty uncomfortable common ailments. Often it’s not severe enough to hold you back from work or school, but it’s just bad enough to exhaust you and cause you discomfort while you are going about your day. Decongestants and cold medications can only do so much. I personally wish there was a vaccine or cure for the common cold because I usually get about 4 colds a year – sadly there is not. This is the best that I can do for you – Here are 5 tips that will lower your chances of contracting a common cold.

Wash your hands!

The most common way that the cold is contracted is by picking it up with your hands – It’s actually harder to pick up a cold by kissing or sharing a drink with someone than it is to pick it up with your hands.

Vitamin D & C

Everyone says that vitamin C is crucial to cold prevention, but even more important is vitamin D. The more rays you soak up in the summer, the stronger your immune system will be throughout fall and winter. Strong immune system = immunity to colds. Remember to eat healthy to satisfy your immune system and exercise to keep your body strong. Take vitamin C and vitamin D supplements to boost your immune system on the side.

Don’t Smoke

Apparently those who are exposed to cigarette smoke have a higher chance of contracting a cold than non-smokers. Likewise smokers who have a cold usually have more severe cold symptoms than a non-smoker. Bottom line – quit smoking.

Don’t touch

If you are exposed to bacteria or happen to shake hands with a sick person don’t touch your eyes nose or mouth before washing your hands because a virus usually enter through these places. That brings me back to point one – wash your hands!


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