8 Things That Will Lower Your Sex Drive

Have you and your partner hit a road block in the bedroom? Well there are a number of things that could have caused things type of problem. Some of these problems can be caused by some psychological problem while others may be the result of our bodies aging. Here are some of the most frequent causes of decreased sex drive.

1.Stress– Stress is probably the most common reason for a low sex drive. Some people become stressed out at work, especially if there is a big, important proposal due next week. Some people (especially now) have been faced with stress due to financial problems. Try to look online or talk to your doctor about some stress management techniques.

2.Relationship problems– If there are problems in the relationship odds are there will be problems in the bedroom. Try talking some things out with your significant other. Communication is very important in a relationship. If there’s been a betrayal of trust, such as a cheating spouse well then some people may not get over that and find out it’s time to move on.

3.Alcohol– A few drinks to loosen you up might not really loosen you up. Alcohol actually numbs your sex drive and may cause you to forget about sex (if only for a little while). If it doesn’t the chances are your partner isn’t going to be too “in the mood” by your sexy slurring of words, and inability to stand up. You’ll have to worry about getting the bedroom before you even think about performing in the bedroom at that point.

4.Lack of Sleep– If you are waking up too early or going to bed too late then chances are you’re going to be extremely tired. Being fatigued severely lowers your sex drive. Try going to bed much earlier. If you suffer from insomnia talk to your doctor about some medications that will help you sleep.

5.Parenting– Although parenting does not LOWER sex drive it does make it extremely hard to find the time to become intimate. Try setting some dates where a relative or babysitter can watch your child while you and your partner have a “date night” where you can go out or just be alone at home.

6.Negative Body Image
– When you don’t think you look good, you feel even worse. Low self-esteem is a major cause for low sex drive. Some people convince themselves that they are overweight even if they aren’t and it plays negatively in their love life and can even lead to serious problems with their health. Try to remind your partner that you love the way they look. If that doesn’t work ask them to work out with you. Working out boosts self-confidence and boosts sex drive.

7.Obesity– For those that are actually overweight, problems in the bedroom are likely to follow. Although doctors are not positive as to why obesity leads to low sex drive many can guess. Most assume that low sex drive caused by obesity is due to low self-esteem, psychological problems, and relationship problems.

8.Too Little Intimacy
– Some times the intimacy tends to go away. This generally happens when two people are in a relationship for a lengthy period of time. Try to take some time to really enhance the mood. Watch a romantic movie together, cuddle, maybe take a bath together. As the excitement builds so will your sex drive.

Now these are not the only things that lower sex drive, but they are some of the most common reasons and most of them can be fixed. There are some biological factors that will lower sex drive that no one can really control such as menopause, and lower testosterone (testosterone levels decrease as we age). However, erectile dysfunction is now very manageable with treatment such as Viagra and Cialis. Hopefully some of this information helps you bring that spark back into the bedroom.

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