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Chocolate is Good for You?


Dark chocolate, which has 65 percent or higher amount of cocoa, if eaten in moderation has many health benefits.

It has some of the most influence on the circulatory system. Dark chocolate has the ability to lower both blood pressure and cholesterol. It can actually reduce bad cholesterol, LDL, up to 10%.

For many people chocolate is a feel-good-food. Here’s why. Chocolate encourages the production of endorphin which gives you a good feeling. Due to this quality and because of serotonin, a component of chocolate, dark chocolate even acts as an anti-depressent. So next time you are feeling down, you know what to do.

A common remark that people make about chocolate is that they will gain weight by eating it. This is true. In order to get the benefits from dark chocolate you have to eat it in moderation. You could try convincing yourself otherwise by knowig that only 1/3 of the fat from dark chocolate is actually bad for you. As well, when eating dark chocolate, make sure not to drink milk with it. Doing this rids you of the benefits you would have gotten from the chocolate. This is because the milk can prevent antioxidants from being absorbed, thus make the dark chocolate of no use besides calories eaten.

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