Superhero Foods That Can Lower Your Cholesterol


Our bodies naturally produce enough cholesterol for our bodies to function properly. However, the commodity and convenience of fast-food restaurants have caused our cholesterol as a whole to rise, which has in turn increased the frequency of heart attacks and other vascular issues within the population. There are several medications that can easily lower your cholesterol levels; however, there are also certain foods that can help to lower your cholesterol so that you do not need to take any medication. These superhero foods are able to reduce the body’s cholesterol levels naturally, and in doing so, promote healthier living and lifestyle habits; another key component to keeping cholesterol levels down.

Superhero Foods That Will Help to Lower Cholesterol:

Foods Containing Fibers – Certain foods, including oat bran, oats, barley, beans and psyllium have in them a specific type of “sticky fiber”, which literally attaches itself to the cholesterol inside the body and helps to flush it out.

Liver Suppressing Foods – Your body’s natural source of cholesterol comes from your liver. Soy products have been proven to reduce cholesterol by suppressing the liver’s production of cholesterol.

Foods Containing Plant Sterols – Plant Sterols are natural compounds that do not allow cholesterol to be absorbed by the body. All plant oils, nuts, seed and leafy vegetables are known to contain sterols. Certain over-the-counter supplements will contain sterols as well.

Nuts – Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios make great low-cholesterol snacks, as they contain “sticky fibers”, plant sterols and additionally possess liver suppressing qualities. Nuts have also been proven to lower triglyceride, a blood fat that is linked to both high blood pressure and heart disease.

Although these foods are all excellent in lowering cholesterol levels, they won’t do much if you continue to indulge in high-cholesterol foods. By both lowering you intake of high cholesterol foods (steaks, burgers, dairy products, and egg yolks) and increasing you intake of cholesterol lowering super-foods, you can effectively lower your cholesterol and improve your overall health.


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