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Headaches and Summer Heat

The unexpected heat waves of summer are actually more of a pain than we thought. A recent study has found that there is a definite link between unexpected rises of temperature and headaches. Even the “warm” days of winter can trigger migraines.

Researchers at Harvard University published their on March 10th this year in the Issue of Neurology. Kenneth J. Mukamal M.D, led the study and concluded that temperature is a strong trigger of headaches however the key is the difference in temperature compared to an average day therefore sudden temperature highs are the leading cause.

It was Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess hospital records between 2000 and 2007 revealed this relationship between heat and migraines. The records of 7,000 visitors to the ER showed that if the temperature rose at least 9 degrees more than anticipated, the number of visitors with migraines in the ER rose 7.5%.

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