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Swine Flu, A National Emergency

President Obama has declared H1N1, or more commonly known as Swine Flu, a national emergency. The reason the President has declared a national emergency isn’t because the number of cases are increasing (even though they are). It isn’t because the Swine Flu has transformed into a super virus in an attempt to destroy humanity as we know it (thankfully, this hasn’t happened yet). No President Obama has declared a national emergency to help hospitals manage Swine Flu cases more effectively BEFORE there’s a major problem with overcrowding. Now I’m not sure if it’s just me or not, but I certainly like the idea of a President that makes his best attempt to take care of a situation before it becomes a serious problem.

Many public health officials are breathing in a sigh of relief. Although the problem hasn’t escalated to extremes it does allow the hospitals to better manage and treat patients with the Swine Flu. This will hopefully prevent overcrowding problems further into flu season.

However, we have to do our part too. Our responsibility is to try our best to prevent the spread of the Swine Flu virus. Wash your hands frequently, cough and sneeze into a tissue if you can. Get plenty of rest, and eat a healthy diet. Exercise. Do whatever you can to help the situation.

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