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Top 7 Health Benefits of Watermelon


Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits during the summer time. It is during this time that watermelons are available at their best. Not only is eating watermelon a great way to cool down in the heat but it also offers many different health benefits. Even the kids love it!

Lycopene is an antioxidant in watermelon that reduces the risk of heart disease, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and colon cancer. Watermelon contains more lycopene than any other fruit or vegetable.

Watermelon is high in Vitamin C and beta-carotene. Both help fight disease and can prevent conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

It is very high in potassium which helps keep one’s heart beat normal, and blood pressure under control.

Anxiety and panic disorders are increasing in the United States over time. Vitamin B6, a nutrient in watermelon, helps prevent these disorders.

It’s fat free! Watermelon leaves you feeling refreshed even if you eat a little too much.

Watermelon helps your body produce energy as it is high in B-vitamins.

Watermelon contains a large amount of water. Many people do not like drinking regular water. I the form of a watermelon, it is easily done. Approximately 90% of a watermelon is made up of water.

There are only a few more weeks of summer left, so get your watermelon before it is too late. To find a ripe and ready to eat watermelon in your supermarket, just knock on the side of it. If you hear a hollow sound it is ready to eat. Enjoy!

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