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Women More at Risk from Smoking

By now, almost everyone should know the effects that smoking causes to a persons health. However, a recent study shows that smoking actually causes more harm to women. Women who smoke cigarettes were shown to develop lung disease earlier than males who smoke.

The study looked at 954 current and past smokers who had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The findings showed that women, who are younger than 60 with COPD had worse lung function than men their age. Additionally, women who are classified as light-smokers had developed more severe disease than males who are light-smokers.

If you are sitting there thinking that just because you only have a couple of cigarettes a day means you will be fine, you are very sadly mistaken. The low-exposure group in the study discovered that half of the women in the group with severe COPD.

Smoking causes many other negative effects to the body, like cancer, or increased risk of diabetes. Most of us know that smoking isn’t the best thing for our bodies, but at the same time trying to quit may be one of the hardest things to do for some people. One way that may be successful for many is to find a reason to quit.

Some people may know that they could get lung cancer, but may not consider quitting until they see, with their own eyes what lung cancer can do. These people need visual aids to aid them in kicking the habit. Other people need to see what their habit is doing to those around them. These people need to know what their smoking can do to their family, their pets.

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