Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

bed bug bittes

They may not spread life threatening diseases, but the thought of bedbugs surviving off our blood is enough to make anyone cringe. If you wake up in the morning with bites and itching welts you didn’t have the night before, chances are your house is infested with bedbugs. Since the banning of DDT in the 1950’s bedbugs have been repopulating rapidly and are now a spreading epidemic. The first thing you should know is that bedbugs are not a sign of un-cleanliness, so if you suspect you have them in your house there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Many expensive hotels and stores have had to deal with bedbugs in the past. Bedbugs are especially fond of the folds and seams of mattresses where it is easy to hide.

New York City is suffering greatly from the bedbugs infestations. Last year at this time one in every fifteen New Yorkers had a problem with bedbugs. In NYC they have found bed bugs in theaters, office buildings, and classy apartments. The average bedbug is about the size of an apple seed.

Bedbugs are not something easy disposed of. It costs about fifteen hundred dollars to get an exterminator to rid of your problem. Do-it-yourself products are sold, but with limited success. Not many do-it-yourself sprays have been found to work and your best bet would be to call an exterminator. Another concern with people trying to deal with their own infestations is that they are using pesticides inside, which are meant for outdoor use. This poses a health hazard to the people and can make them ill. If it was that easy for people to solve their own pest problems then exterminators would already be out of a job. It’s more difficult than just a powder or spray to solve bedbug issues.


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