How Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation (CPPI) is helping Americans get access to affordable prescribed medication

CPPI is helping Americans

CPPI, or Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation, is a nonprofit and national consumer and patient advocacy organization. It makes sure to engage their target audiences in promoting and protecting their need for affordable and safe prescription medications that have been imported from Canada for personal use for the duration of 90 days. The target audience for CPPI includes the seniors and other similar members who are residing in America on a fixed income basis along with the low income earning group. These individuals want surety that they will be receiving affordable alternative for prescription drugs that are sold at a high cost within the United States.

The Burden Of High Costs In Medications

Branded drugs that are available within the United States normally cost a great deal of money, and due to this reason, serious health risks to the general population in the country have arisen. About 35 million individuals living in America have failed to adhere to the schedule of their prescription drugs due to the increased cost of these medications. This means that many people are splitting medicines, forgoing their consumption completely, or skipping their doses since they do not know what else to do. Such actions have been causing a huge burden to the following entities:

The US Healthcare System

The US healthcare system faces a burden due to the health issues that arise as a result of non adherence. These could be both primary and secondary in nature and could cost a whooping $290 million in health care expenses that would not even have been needed in the first place.
The Family Members Of The Individual
The caregivers of the individual also have to face numerous issues when they are deciding on the health care options. These are the individuals who are responsible for the physical and financial aspects of health care, and these include maintenance drugs as well.

The American Taxpayer

Many of the people importing their medicines from the licensed pharmacies in Canada happen to be on Medicaid or Medicare. When the people will not be able to afford healthcare drugs, it will lead to further health complications that could have otherwise been avoided. This will end up affecting the governmental healthcare programs as well as the taxpayers in turn.

The Solution

The CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that more than 5 million people acquire their prescription drugs from outside the United States. Also, around 1 million people residing in the US would purchase their prescription drugs from licensed pharmacies in Canada because of the affordable rates. Every American should have access to affordable medicines and Congress can help in making a drastic change in this regard by giving access to prescriptions from licensed and legitimate pharmacies in Canada. Bipartisan legislation is one such legislation that has come up many times for years in order to address the issue using common sense and logic. And this is exactly what CPPI is trying to promote.


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