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A survey in the fall of 1999 by US Consumer Reports showed that buyers could save as much as 29% by obtaining certain drugs from a Canadian pharmacy. Purchasing online from a Canadian pharmacy can yield savings of up to 50% on average, compared to buying those same drugs “discounted” by Medicare. Prescription drugs bought from Canadian online pharmacies are the same high-quality, brand name medications you buy locally, but at more affordable prices.

CanDrugstore.com is the established online outlet for a chain of well-respected retail Canadian pharmacies. They are renowned for top personal service, knowledgeable staff and possessing an excellent reputation for making deliveries as promised.

CanDrugstore.com does not prescribe or dispense medications. Dispensing of medications is always done by registered pharmacists. Our retail network of Canadian pharmacies fills prescriptions only after review by a physician, ensuring the highest quality control every time.

We also offer over-the-counter products, custom compounds, pet medications, and medical supplies. And best of all, almost anyone can purchase medications through our web site at prices markedly discounted. It’s no wonder then that thousands of people are now choosing to purchase their medications from this Canadian online pharmacy!

Buying prescription drugs online from Canada offers advantages that you may not find when purchasing from your local drugstore, including:

  • the privacy and convenience of ordering quality medications from home
  • greater availability of drugs for shut-in people or those who live far from the pharmacy
  • the ease of comparative shopping to find the best prices
  • greater convenience and variety of products
  • easier access to written product information and references to other pharmacy sources
  • substantial savings on prescription medications

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