5 Helpful Tips to Prevent Heartburn

Heartburn can be very uncomfortable and very distressing for most people. I get it from time to time and at first I wasn’t sure what I could do to stop the heartburn from occurring. I began to get it frequently, to the point where I was thinking about seeing the doctor in case it was serious. Luckily I found some advice that gave me the ability to prevent my heartburn. I’d like to pass some of that advice on.

Be aware of what you eat – Certain foods can cause heartburn in people. Always be aware of what you eat. If you begin to notice a frequent occurrence of heartburn, take a log of everything you eat for a few days and note when you had signs of heartburn. Eliminate foods you think might be causing your heartburn until your symptoms improve. The internet can provide lists of foods that may cause heartburn.

Chew your food don’t inhale it – My father would always ask me and my sister if we ate our food or inhaled it, if we finished our food in a hurry. What I didn’t know at the time was that eating your food quickly can lead to heartburn. Make sure you take your time eating your meal, not only does it help prevent heartburn, but it also is a known weight loss tip.

Gravity – You have the power to make gravity work for or against you. By standing or sitting up, you use gravity to keep the stomach acid in your stomach. However, by lying down, especially after eating, you are more likely to experience heartburn.

Get rid of the spare tireLose weight. It may be a harsh realization, but if you know you’ve let yourself go a bit, try losing some weight. Many people that lose some weight experience instant relief.

Ask a doctor – If you’ve tried everything you can think of, go see your doctor. He or she may provide you with a new idea, or you may have acid reflux which may require you to take medications. Either way it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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