Possible Crohn’s Disease Breakthrough

A new study conducted in Montreal showed that Vitamin D may help fight Crohn’s disease. Although the study has not been confirmed by clinical trials, it is quite likely that the study is accurate and true. The study showed that a shortage Vitamin D is attributed to Crohn’s disease. Therefore, working backwards they said that it is likely that an abundance of Vitamin D will help fight Crohn’s disease. People who are related to any person diagnosed with Crohn’s disease should be aware of this new discovery as Crohn’s disease may be hereditary.

It was also noted in this study that in place which get less sun (Vitamin D), people are more likely to have Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease affects approx 1 in 544 or 539,807 people in the USA, and 59,757 people in Canada. Crohn’s disease requires surgery for between two thirds and three quarters of those diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Hopefully this new research proves true and Crohn’s disease will be substantially easier to solve.

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