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Obesity Camps for Teens in the UAE


Teenagers in the United Arab Emirates who are over 90kg’s are being asked by the government to participate in anti-obesity camps. While in these camps, teens are expected to lose 1kg every week during the 1 month program. The teens will be put on a strict calorie-controlled diet and exercise program, and they will receive lectures about obesity every 4 days.

I still haven’t decided if this is too extreme, especially for teenagers, or maybe it’s what we need to do. Obesity is becoming a very serious problem, and nowhere is this more apparent than the United States. In the United States, obesity related illnesses are costing the nation $147 billion every year. Maybe it’s time for some new, drastic, changes in obesity prevention.

I would like to know what the results will be like for the camps in the UAE. If they work, then maybe we can adapt a similar program here in North America. If the level of obesity experiences a drop, it may lead to some lower taxes or health care prices. Not to mention you’ll add years to your life. Regardless of how well these camps work, something needs to be done about the obesity epidemic in the United States.

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