Stop Drinking Alcohol And Lose Weight


Your body isn’t able to store the alcohol that you drink. It slows down its metabolism and stops processing fats and sugars. To further complicate matters, alcohol is full of empty calories. These calories average 7 per gram of alcohol. Over the course of time these calories add up and begin to weigh on you, literally.

Food Comparables

That rum and soda or whiskey and soda are comparable to a large sized muffin. Now picture how many drinks you had and focus on how many muffins you would have just eaten.

A glass of wine would be equivalent to a piece of cake.

A beer would be equivalent to a huge slice of pizza.

This gives you an idea of the empty calories that you’re consuming while obtaining no nutritional value.

Mixed Drinks

That juice that you’re mixing your drink with is laden with sugar and empty calories. Add that to the empty calories in your alcohol and you’re likely to consumer over half of your daily calorie allotment in two single drinks. That’s a lot of calories and if you continue in this fashion on a daily basis you’re likely to be gaining weight now.


Most bars have snacks readily available. Most of these snacks are laden with sugar or salt or both. Salt and sugar can help make you thirstier and they can also pack on more weight. Sugar is an addiction in and of itself and it can pack on a lot of calories. Add that to the alcohol and you’re likely consuming your daily allotment of calories in one evening.

Salt can make you retain water which will also pack on the weight. Left unchecked you could pack on an additional several pounds in an evening of munching on pretzels or popcorn while drinking.

Curbing The Calories

So how do you curb the calories while still enjoying a night out? It’s easy if you follow these tips:

Eat a healthy meal before you go out to party. You won’t be as likely to overindulge.

Instead of drinking a Margarita for example try ordering the vodka in club soda or a light fruit juice. You might save up to 400 calories.

Opt for a veggie platter in lieu of sugary or salty snacks. Avoid the dips however, they can be heavy with salt and fats.

Instead of slugging down drink after drink, force yourself to drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage that you consume. This will help your body to metabolize the alcohol and other foods that you’ve recently eaten.

Most people drink to unwind after a hectic day at work. Be mindful of the amount of alcohol consumed. Opt for lighter versions of your favourite spirits. Mix your drinks with lighter versions of fruit juices in lieu of sugary mixers that will pack on the pounds. If you make this your habit you can avoid those excess pounds.


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