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Buy Methazolamide (the generic equivalent for Methazolamide)

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This prescription drug inhibits the function of a protein called carbonic anhydrase in your body. By inhibiting this protein, the quantity of fluid in the eye can be reduced, lowering the pressure inside the eye. This prescription medicine is used to treat ocular disorders in which reducing intraocular pressure is anticipated to be beneficial, such as chronic open-angle glaucoma, secondary glaucoma, and acute angle-closure glaucoma when lowering intraocular pressure is needed prior to surgery. 

Methazolamide Uses  

  • In persons with specific kinds of glaucoma, this prescription drug is used to reduce intraocular pressure (pressure within the eye). 
  • This is also used as a diuretic (or “water pill”) to help persons with congestive heart failure get rid of excess fluid. Edema is the medical term for this build-up. 
  • It can also be prescribed to treat or prevent some forms of seizures and altitude sickness.

Methazolamide Dosage

Typical Adult Glaucoma Dose

  • 2 to 3 times a day, Methazolamide 50 mg to 100 mg orally

Methazolamide vs Acetazolamide  

This medication is more quickly absorbed into the eye than acetazolamide. This is likely due to the fact that it has a lower affinity for plasma protein than acetazolamide. 

Unlike acetazolamide, this is not actively taken up by the renal tubules. 


  • Follow your prescription’s instructions to the letter. Your doctor may adjust your dose from time to time to ensure you get the optimal outcomes. It should not be used in higher or lower doses or for longer than indicated.
  • You may require regular blood tests when using methazolamide.
  • This may be used as part of a broader treatment plan that includes other drugs. Your doctor’s recommendations must be strictly followed. 

Methazolamide Side Effects 

Negative effects include the following 

  • Nausea, vomiting, appetite loss, and diarrhea; 
  • Tingling or numbness, especially in the arms and legs; 
  • Sleepiness, perplexity; 
  • Ringing in the ears, hearing issues 
  • The rise in urination; or 
  • Taste perception has been changed.


  • If you have cirrhosis, severe liver or kidney illness, an electrolyte imbalance, adrenal gland failure, or this medication or sulfa medication allergy, you should avoid using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

-What are Methazolamide Interactions?  

Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors like this drug can interact with aspirin, especially if you’re on a high dose. The combination can lead to a lack of appetite, rapid breathing, exhaustion, and coma.  

-Is Methazolamide Alternative a good choice?  

When used for high-altitude disease prophylaxis and treatment, this drug may therefore be a viable alternative to acetazolamide. However, additional comprehensive clinical trials are required to completely assess methazolamide’s effectiveness. 







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