What Causes Constipation: The Surprising Truth

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If you live with constipation, you may think that there is nothing that you can do about it. There are many causes of constipation, however, and this means that with a few simple changes to your diet or lifestyle, you may be able to overcome it and feel better. Constipation is not something that people want to talk about, but it is a very real issue that can have a huge effect on your life. What are some of the interesting causes of constipation?


While taking vitamins is not inherently a cause of constipation, the ingredients in some vitamins can be. If your vitamin includes iron or calcium, and you are experiencing constipation, you may want to find another vitamin or consider taking a stool softener.


Eliminate chocolate from your diet if you are having constipation issues. Some studies have found that it can cause constipation, but other studies suggest that it can help. By eliminating it and seeing how you feel, you can determine if it is the problem.


Depression can lead to a slowing of the body’s processes, including the digestive process. If you have been experiencing some symptoms of depression, you may want to visit your physician to get help for your condition and to help your digestive system to get back to normal.

Blood Pressure and Allergy Medication

Side effects from certain blood pressure and allergy medications can also lead to constipation. Diuretics decrease blood pressure by increasing the amount of urine that is released and this can cause your stool to become harder, as water is being taken from the digestive process. Allergy medications can do this as well.


If you have heartburn, you may be taking antacids. Some of them contain calcium and aluminum, which can cause constipation. Check your labels to see if the ones that you have chosen contain these minerals that could be causing your issues.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There are two chronic conditions that are included in the inflammatory bowel disease category-ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease. While the most common symptom is diarrhea, inflammation of the rectum is common in ulcerative colitis or it could be an obstruction of the intestines in Crohns.


Diabetes can cause nerve damage, which in turn can cause digestion issues. Unfortunately, most people who have diabetes have no clue that they have it, which causes it to get worse. Regular constipation can be an indicator of this disease.

Constipation is not something that you have to live with. Consult your physician to see if any of these issues could be causing your constipation.


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