How To Prevent Excess Sweating

Sweating is a natural process that everyone does, but some people tend to sweat a lot more than others. This is called Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. It isn’t cancer and it probably won’t kill you, but it can be very embarrassing. There are ways to help limit or even prevent excessive sweating. Some of them are easy and natural, while others can be expensive and even dangerous.

Start by wearing some looser fitting clothes. I don’t mean loose like those idiot people that walk around with their pants down to their knees and t-shirts that are sized XXXXXXXXXXL. Just a side note to the morons that actually dress like that, it isn’t cool. You actually look stupid. Just because 50 cent or some other crappy rapper does it does not mean it’s cool… or even practical. If you are in some sort of gang what happens when you get into a fight or have to run from the cops (not saying you should get into a gang fight or run from the cops)? Anyway, back on topic, wearing loose fitting clothes. Tight shirts prevent air flow and can cause your body to get sweaty even faster.

Try drinking a lot of water. This one seems kind of obvious, but so many people forget this one. By drinking a lot of water you can keep yourself hydrated and also detox’s your body at the same time. However, avoid large amounts of caffeine and alcohol as these will cause you to sweat more (NOOOO not my coffee >:O )

Botox treatment has been known to help excessive sweating. However, this kind of treatment is extremely expensive and must be continually repeated for the benefits to stay. Some people have complained about the side effects of botox such as pain.

Another option that I find quite radical and dangerous is to have surgery. Surgery is the most dangerous of the options listed, but it may be the most effective. However, surgery may not fix everything. Obviously with the risks there are some other things that many people must know. Occasionally patients will experience excessive sweating in other parts of the body which is called compensatory sweating.

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