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Itraconazole capsules serve as a therapeutic remedy for fungal infections originating in the lungs with the potential to disseminate throughout the body. Itraconazole capsules are also employed to address fungal infections affecting the fingernails and toenails. Itraconazole belongs to a class of antifungal agents known as triazoles, and it functions by impeding the growth of fungi responsible for causing infections.

Uses and Dosage

Administer this medication orally, following a complete meal, in accordance with your doctor’s instructions, which typically entail taking it once or twice daily. Swallow the capsules whole.

Consume itraconazole either 2 hours prior to or 1 hour after ingesting antacids, as antacids may potentially diminish the absorption of this medication. If you have a reduced or absent stomach acid (achlorhydria) or are taking medications that reduce stomach acid (e.g., H2 blockers like ranitidine, proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole), take this medication with an acidic beverage, such as cola.

The prescribed dosage and duration of treatment are contingent upon your specific medical condition and how you respond to the treatment. Ensure strict adherence to your doctor’s prescription when taking this medication. Some conditions may necessitate a cyclic dosing regimen (twice daily for one week, followed by a three-week cessation of the medication).

For optimal effectiveness, administer this antifungal medication at consistent intervals. To aid in adherence, take this medication at the same time(s) each day. You may find it helpful to mark your calendar with reminders, especially if you are following a cyclic dosing schedule.

Continue taking this medication until you have completed the entire prescribed course, even if your symptoms resolve within a few days. Discontinuing the medication prematurely may lead to a recurrence of the infection.

It is important to note that the capsule, tablet, and solution formulations of this medication deliver varying amounts of the active ingredient and may be intended for different therapeutic purposes. Do not switch between different forms or brands of this drug without explicit direction from your doctor.

If your condition does not show signs of improvement or worsens, promptly inform your doctor.

Side Effects

Some side effects may occur that usually do not need medical attention:

  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • gas or bloating
  • heartburn
  • stomach pain
  • unpleasant taste
  • headache
  • sweating
  • muscle pain or weakness
  • joint pain
  • decreased sexual desire
  • inability to get or keep an erection
  • missed or irregular menstrual periods
  • nervousness
  • depression
  • runny nose and other cold symptoms
  • fever
  • hair loss

Inform your healthcare provider immediately if you experience any serious side effects:

  • ringing in the ears
  • inability to control urination or urinating more than usual
  • feelings of numbness, tingling, pricking, burning, or creeping on the skin
  • ongoing pain that begins in the stomach area, but may spread to the back
  • excessive tiredness
  • loss of appetite
  • yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, pale stools
  • hearing loss
  • blistering or peeling skin
  • rash
  • hives
  • itching
  • swelling of the face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, ankles, or lower legs
  • difficulty breathing or swallowing


Before embarking on a course of itraconazole, notify your healthcare provider or pharmacist about any known allergies you may have. This includes allergies to itraconazole itself, other azole antifungals like ketoconazole, or any other allergens. This product may contain inactive components that can potentially trigger allergic reactions or other adverse effects.

Prior to using this medication, provide your doctor or pharmacist with your detailed medical history. Special attention should be given to conditions such as liver disease, kidney disease, heart conditions, lung ailments such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and conditions characterized by decreased or no stomach acid (achlorhydria).

This drug has the potential to induce dizziness. The consumption of alcohol or marijuana can exacerbate this dizziness. Refrain from activities that require alertness, such as driving or operating machinery, until you can do so safely.

In the case of older adults, there may be an increased risk of hearing loss associated with the use of this drug.

During pregnancy, the use of this medication should be considered only when absolutely necessary, as it may pose a risk to an unborn baby. A thorough discussion with your doctor regarding the potential risks and benefits is essential. This medication should not be employed for the treatment of fungal nail infections if you are pregnant or might become pregnant during the course of treatment. Women of childbearing age should commence this medication 2 to 3 days following the onset of their menstrual periods to ensure they are not pregnant. Discuss the use of reliable forms of contraception while taking this medication and for 2 months after discontinuation of treatment.

Itraconazole passes into breast milk. Prior to breastfeeding, consult your doctor for guidance.

Form and Strength

Sporanox is available in the following forms and strengths:

  • Sporanox capsule:

    • 100mg
  • itraconazole capsule:

    • 100mg


Can Sporanox treat vaginal yeast infections?

No. Sporanox has serious side effects and should only be used for serious fungal infections or fungal infections that are difficult to treat, like fungal nail infections.

Do I need to take Sporanox with food?

Yes. You should take Sporanox with a full meal. This allows your body to absorb the appropriate amount of the medication so it can work better.


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