Swine Flu Continues To Spread

In the recent months, we as a collective people have watched the Swine Influenza spread from Mexico to the rest of the world. In doing so, the virus has created quite the commotion. Though not very deadly, at least not yet, the virus has achieved pandemic status, the highest level given by the World Health Organization (WHO). Additionally, the panic and worry that this could evolve into something deadly has caused us to try and develop a vaccine to help stop this virus. While we sit and wait, putting our faith into the world leaders and scientists infection numbers continue to skyrocket and the death toll keeps growing.

When the virus first took to the world stage in Mexico, many were worried because of the high death rate in Mexican cases of Swine Flu. However, as the virus began to spread and people found out that Swine Flu wasn’t as deadly as first imagined, people got… “inventive,” I guess you could say. People began holding “Swine Flu Parties,” where people would gather and attempt to catch the virus. The belief in this is that if they caught the Swine Flu now, then they may be able to fight a second, more deadly strain of the virus. I guess they were thinking about the old saying, “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Well, what if you don’t make it through the sickness? People forgot that maybe it isn’t AS deadly as first thought, but it still can kill you. Lets not forget about Mexico.

Fast-forward to present day. Most of the world, especially the developed countries, are infected. More and more infections are coming up everywhere. Although the United States was hit hardest by the flu, many other countries are now witnessing the effects of H1N1, England (the city of London more specifically) in particular.

Hopefully, a vaccine is developed before a second deadlier outbreak occurs. Forgive me, I should say a vaccine that WORKS. I recently played a game on the computer that requires you to develop a disease that will wipe out the human race, and for some reason humanity has never been able to develop a vaccine that worked the first time. That and for some reason Madagascar is extremely hard to infect. Either way, lets hope we have better results than mentioned computer game.

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