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Voice in shape

Voice Aerobics™

Mary Spremulli is making her voice heard loud and clear. Her Voice Aerobics™ system is putting a literal amplifier into the voice boxes of a variety of individuals using an easy, cheap, and effective technique: good old fashioned exercise.

A published medical speech-language pathologist, and licensed nurse with over 28 years of experience lecturing throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, Mary started off on her quest for verbal volume and control working with patients who had suffered changes to their voices because of from Parkinson’s disease, Parkinson’s plus syndromes, stroke, multiple sclerosis, vocal cord paralysis, or any other neurological condition which affects talking and/or swallowing. Her expertise culminated in 2008 when she formed Voice Aerobics™, a patient-driven, home-based voice strengthening company.

How Does It Work Exactly?

A healthy voice requires functioning vocal folds, healthy and well-hydrated (moist) tissue, and a good breath support. The Voice Aerobics™ program started off originally as a 50-minute program which combined elements of traditional voice therapy with that of exercise physiology. By simply working out the body parts responsible, one strengthens their usage, enabling a better range of motion which in turns applies to the sound produced by these muscles.

My Voice Volume Is Fine, But I Have Trouble Swallowing.

The act of swallowing, like speech, is a complicated, well-timed, and multi-faceted event, and trouble swallowing can develop in the same manner of disease in which voice ailments do. Failure to swallow food properly can lead to pneumonia and other serious respiratory issues—fortunately Voice Aerobics™ is also formulated to help improve with issues related to swallowing.

Voice Aerobics™ In 2011

Mary now offers a full line of products and services aimed at combining vocal function exercises with a general workout. In addition to Voice Aerobics™, the flagship, 3-part, 50-minute voice and exercise program, Mary has for sale the following:

  • The Voice Aerobics™ DVD – Gives anyone the opportunity to gain the benefits offered in the Voice Aerobics™ program from the comfort and convenience of their home or office.
  • Voice Aerobics™ Songbirds is a 22-minuted audio CD containing resonant voice exercises set to music. It is a fun, portable way to practice strengthening your vocal cords on the go.
  • Voice Aerobics™ Grand Slam is a deck of playing cards which illustrate several exercises from the voice aerobics DVD.
  • Voice Aerobics™ Digital Voice Amplifier is a voice amplification device that com delivers 15 watts of booming, sound-magnifying power.


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