7 Foods to Eat for Arthritis Suffers

foods to eat for arthritis suffers

Arthritis is a generic term for joint inflammation. It can be placed into two categories: osteoarthritis (degeneration of the joints) and rheumatoid (general inflammation of the joints). Currently, over 50 million people suffer from doctor diagnosed arthritis, or 1 in 5. In several cases, what you eat has a direct impact on the pain that you feel.

“Food isn’t a panacea, but some can make your joints healthier,” said Leslie Bonci, R.D., director of Sports Nutrition in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. Your food intake makes an impact upon the way that your body feels, and when you make the right choices, you’re reducing the symptoms that are associated with arthritis pain.

The added inflammation of the joints might be a result of food allergies which you have. For instance, someone who has an allergy to dairy products might also feel arthritis pain. These allergies should be tested by a doctor to discover the best course of action in tackling your suffering.

Here is the list of seven foods which you should avoid if you have arthritis.

  • Dairy Products
  • Corn
  • Meat
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Soda

Sodium is a major cause of arthritis pain because it dehydrates the joints and makes even the most healthy joints lose their resilience. A simple reduction in the amount of salt that you eat can help with your whole body health, reducing the symptoms of arthritis as well as your risks for high blood pressure and other ailments.

Check the nutritional information on the processed food that you eat. Sometimes, the sodium content is through the roof with 1200mg for a single meal. The CDC recommends that your daily intake be 1500mg, split among several meals. Some of the more naturally prepared vegetarian meals have lower sodium and lower sugar content, but it’s necessary to check around.

The best diet for arthritis sufferers consists of leafy greens and non-citrus fruit. Not only does this diet promote joint health, but it encourages weight loss which will also help alleviate some of the pain that you might be feeling. In some cases, the proper food choices have eliminated arthritis and helped patients lead happy, healthy lives.


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