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Myths about Eyesight: Debunked!


Remember those old ridiculous myths that parents would tell their children to have them take care of their eyesight? Well, in this article those myths are going to be exposed.

Myth 1: If a person crosses their eyes, they will end up stuck!
FALSE: Although parents have been telling this myth for centuries, it is false. According to Dr. Melson, all that will occur is that the eye muscles will become strained.

Myth 2: Carrots are the only vegetable that will improve eyesight
FALSE: According to Dr. Melson, although carrots are rich in vitamin-a, the vitamin which is crucial for good eyesight, they are not the only foods that maintain good vision. Asparagus, apricots, nectarines and milk are all examples of foods that help maintain good vision. A well balanced diet is beneficial to improving vision.

Myth 3: Reading in dim light will damage your eyesight
FALSE: When you read in dim light, a headache might occur because your eyes are working harder than they normally do. However, there is no prolonged damage to your vision.

Myth 4: Sitting closely to the television will damage your eyesight
FALSE: This would have been true in the 1950s when televisions did not have a screen to protect our eyes from radiation, however, modern televisions have a screen to shield our eyes. One possible effect caused by sitting too close to the television is fatigue in the eyes as they tend to blink less.

Myth 5: Constantly wearing glasses will damage your eyesight
FALSE: The degradation of eyesight is due to an increase in age or genetics and has nothing to do with constantly wearing glasses. In fact, constantly wearing glasses has only changed your perception of how blurry your eyesight was before glasses.

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