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Buying prescription drugs from our Canadian Online Drugstore is quick and easy. Our reputable Canadian Internet drugstore offers high quality, cheap medications to thousands of clients worldwide.

What about drug safety?

CanDrugStore follows every drug safety and service standard as designated by the Canadian drug regulating authority; we are licensed and regulated by the College of Pharmacy of British Columbia.

IMPORTANT NOTE: there are numerous websites offering drugs without prescriptions which are a high risk for your health and safety.

Our Canadian online discount drugstore requires patients to provide their doctor’s prescription, which is fully verified before any drugs are delivered to our customers. Candrugstore requires the patients to submit their medical history along with their prescription to avoid any illegal sales of drugs to minors or drug abusers. You can contact our Canadian online discount drugstore call center and have your questions, concerns and considerations answereded by our experienced, professional pharmacists.

Candrugstore maintains high standards in patient safety – all drugs sold by us are safe and affordable for all. We are also a certified member of the Canadian Internet Pharmacy Association (CIPA).

How our online Canadian drugstore helps save you money

Prices of Canadian Internet Pharmacy are cheaper then the First World drugs. Candrugstore offers Canadian drugs, which are about 40-80% cheaper, then the First World drugs. The cheaper pricing of Canadian drugs is due to Canadian government’s regulations, which makes people buy drug from Canada.

Our lower prices help numerous citizens worldwide. Our service greatly benefits retired senior citizens looking to save their hard earned money by buying inexpensive drugs from Canada. Canadian online discount drugstore also helps low-income families and other communities requiring low cost drugs. The Canadian online discount drugstore sells only those drugs approved by the authorities and we can guarantee high quality drugs.

Where does our canadian online drug store deliver to?

Candrugstore can deliver your drugs to any city or rural area throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Our Canadian Internet Drug Store can guarantee quicker delivery of drugs and with nominal shipping rates – we only charge $9.95 per order regardless of delivery size or location.

Our Canadian Internet Drug Store provides easy access to buying quality drugs directly from your home. Simply order your prescription online and we will deliver them to you. Candrugstore can take care of your refill order also. Just subscribe to our website and order your drugs and fill out the refill service form and that’s all you have to do, the rest we look after on your behalf. If you want to check the current status of your order – track your order quickly and easily using our online order tracking system. Just log into your account and check the status of your order.

More reasons to choose our online Canadian drugstore

Our online Canadian drugstore offers customers responsive and courteous service. We provide our customers with complete satisfaction when it comes to our service.

  • You will be given complete privacy, discretion, and dignity while addressing your specific health concerns and medication needs.
  • Quick delivery and lowered medication costs.
  • We offer professional consultations through our resident physicians at an affordable fee.

CanDrugstore helps the elderly and people seeking an alternative, cheaper and more reliable source for their prescription and non-prescription drugs. We will help you get healthy and at the same time help you save your hard earned money. Start now using our handy online drug search feature.


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