Online drug store Canada

Online drug store Canada:

Online Canada pharmacy is a reputed pharmacy; where prescriptions are filled at their licensed Canadian pharmacies, and only those prescription drugs that are approved in the First World are dispensed.

The Online Canada pharmacy offers a wide selection of brand name prescription products that are the same as those supplied in the U.S. However, the costs are much lower because of difference in dollar rates and other rules and regulations of Canadian government.

Online Canada pharmacy requires a prescription from a U.S. licensed medical doctor who has examined the patient. The prescription service from Online Canada pharmacy features oversight and prescription review by Canadian physicians and the drugs are dispensed by registered pharmacists through licensed internet pharmacy Canada. The Canadian physician provides a secondary evaluation regarding the prescription and will contact the attending U.S. physician if any questions arise.

The actual costs of medications do not change very much in Canada drugstores. However, the exchange rate does. As such, the drug costs may vary. An enrollment form will be available from Canadian pharmacies online website or by calling them. This is the first step in the process of subscribing to this service. Prescriptions can be included with the initial enrollment. The enrollment information is then screened for completeness, prescription and signature and entered into an eligibility file and forwarded for Canadian fulfillment. A Canadian physician reviews the patient drug profile and prescription requests, approves the prescription for fulfillment or confers with the U.S. attending physician. The Canadian Pharmacist in Canada drugstores checks the eligibility file for history and fills and mails the prescription with accompanying information about the drug.

You will need to allow Canadian drug store online a minimum of 3 weeks for your first prescription and 2 weeks for receipt of refills thereafter.


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