Canada Mail Order Drug Store

Canada mail order drug store

We are a fully licensed Canada mail order drug store offering discount prescription drug prices. Canada mail order drug store has dedicated Canadian staff offering high quality, affordable service for all your pharmaceutical needs.

So why you want to buy from Canada mail order pharmacy? If Big Pharma had its way, customs and the FDA would be confiscating all imported drugs, crying that the government can’t guarantee their safety. But that just isn’t the case. Your pharmaceuticals come in the same sealed packages you get at your corner drugstore.

Anyway, it would be politically incorrect to arrest grandma for trying to make ends meet. Some members of Congress even encourage the practice by listing Canadian pharmacies on their Web sites.

Here’s how it works. For current prices, visit Candrugstore we are one of the many reputable Canadian drug stores offering service. Since each store has different prices as well as varying shipping costs, etc., comparisons can be tricky.

Most, however, end up within a few dollars of one another.

Once you decide on a druggist, simply fax your prescriptions for a 90-day supply, renewable in three months. In my case, a doctor then called and reviewed each script with me. Furnish your credit card number and you’ll have your drugs in a week. At an average of at least 40 percent off what you have been paying her.

Services vary. While some pharmacies don’t have the Canadian physician call you, we charge nothing for this personal service. You can get automatic refills for up to a year. And prices are in US dollars. This has become a very competitive business with over a billion dollars changing hands across the border last year. I’d suggest that you pick two or three pharmacies from the list below, compare prices, and order.

That’s all there is to it. Though certainly not a long-term solution to many older First Worlds’ inability to afford essential medication, this may help some of you as a stopgap.

Customers purchasing from Canada mail order drug store, can on average, save from 40% to 80% on the cost of their prescription drugs by having their prescriptions filled by a Canada mail order drug store. The Candrugstore will provide these prescription drugs to consumers at these discount prices.

Medications are delivered right to your door step and Canada mail order drug store we charge only $9.95 per delivery. Our Delivery cost also includes delivery for your family also. Canada mail order drug store provides reliable delivery. And we don’t charge any prescription fees for drugs sold from us.

On average customers can save up to 40-80% of the drug cost in Canada mail order pharmacy when you buy your Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy prescriptions orders for less from our fully licensed Canadian Pharmacy here. Canada mail order pharmacy specializes in filling Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy prescription orders for Residents of the First World from our Canadian Drugstore. It is safe, secure and the easy way to get low cost prescriptions through a Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy.

There is No Hidden Fees, No Dispensing Fee or Doctor’s Review Fee. Further Canadian mail order drug store delivers all your drugs at your door step for just $9.95 U.S. dollar only. Lower Shipping charge for any states in First World. We also offer delivery of drugs to Mexico, U.K. and Japan.

Search our drug database for prices of your prescription drugs. The drugs we sell are all approved by the authorities and our prices are far less then most of Canadian Drugstore.

Buy Low drugs is a licensed Candrugstore is located in British Columbia Canada. Canadian mail order drug store is a fully licensed mail order pharmacy in Canada we are 100% Canadian owned and operated. Our goal is to provide the best quality of service for our patients while still providing discount prescription drugs and medication at competitive prices. Customers can save from 40 to 80% or more on their discount drugs and prescription medication. Mail order pharmacy in Canada fills brand name and generic prescription medication through our licensed Canadian drugstore and they will be delivered by mail directly to your home.

Our Licensed mail order pharmacy in Canada makes it easy for you to order discount prescription drugs from the comfort of your own home. Candrugstore offers more than 4,000 brand name and generic drugs. All orders are checked, approved and filled by a highly-qualified, licensed pharmacist. Your order will be then shipped directly to your home using an express, low-cost shipping service. You can use Canada mail order drug store automated parcel tracking system to track and confirm the delivery of your item.

Mail order pharmacy in Canada wants to make your experience with us an enjoyable one by giving you the service you deserve. Your health is our top priority and our Canadian Pharmacy staff will do their best to make sure that you are satisfied. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need more information. Canadian mail order drug store offers highly-qualified, Customer Care Specialists , licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are available 7 days a week to aid you with your order.


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