Canadian Prescription Drugs

Canadian prescription drugs:

Research on Canadian prescription drugs has revealed that majority peoples in U.S uses the online pharmaceutical companies to buy drugs.

Candrugstore has been providing high quality Canadian Prescription Drugs to thousands of First World’s needing High quality medicine at lower price.

The Federal governments are taking several steps to give easy access to the people requiring the Canadian Prescription drugs. The Federal Prescription Drug Marketing Act allows only the manufacturer to import, or re-import prescription drugs into the U.S. However, the FDA and U.S. Customs have not applied the importation ban to individuals bringing limited supplies of drugs for personal use across the border, including through mail order prescriptions. Governors and mayors across U.S have come out in favor of buying cheap drugs from Canada, grabbing onto a popular issue.

While we do not advocate the purchase of prescription drugs in Canada, we recognize that many US citizens purchase prescriptions in Canada, where their prescriptions may cost less than in the U.S. Generally this requires taking the U.S. prescriptions to a Canadian doctor to be rewritten as Canadian Prescription drugs, filling the prescriptions in Canada, and showing your U.S. and Canadian prescriptions at the border. It’s important to note that generics are not necessarily cheaper, and drugs may have different names than their U.S. equivalents.

Canadian prescription drugs:

No sign up fee:
The online Canadian Prescription drugs online pharmacies don’t charge anything for customers to sign up in their Website.

No hidden fees:
There are also no hidden costs that are forced upon the buyers of the Canadian drugs.

Fast, efficient service:
The delivery of drugs is more quicker and the buyers get value for money. As the delivery charge is just $ 9.95, which also includes the family packages for your family.

Convenient refills:
Don’t worry about Refills Canadian Prescription drugs will deliver them reliably even before the old fills are out. Just fill our refill form in our website and forget worrying about missing the drug.

Fully confidential:
Candrugstore will provide complete security and confidentiality of the buyers.

Shipment fee:

Low shipping fee:
Canadian Prescription drugs offer personal mail order service just for $ 9.95 this also includes complete family packages also.

Canadian Prescription drugs also deliver our products covering all states in U.S and also Japan and U.K.

Prescription review charges:

Canadian Prescription drugs don’t charge any prescription review fee for our customers.

Canadian prescription drugs – Cheaper drugs:

Canadian Prescription drugs offer Savings of 40-80% on your prescriptions. Candrugstore is a Licensed Canadian physicians & pharmacists
Most drugs originally manufactured in the U.S.
Brand named & generic drugs available for even greater savings from the pharmacies
All drugs approved by the authorities
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Canadian prescription drugs precautions:

For buyers of Canadian prescription drugs Candrugstore offers some advice to help them from getting conned by unauthorized online pharmaceutical companies offering low quality Canadian prescription drugs.

  • Make sure the Internet pharmacy lists its address and toll free phone number as required by law. Remember, FDA standards apply only in the U.S. If you order from another country, make sure you know which quality standards apply.
  • Check to see if the Internet pharmacy is enrolled in the Medicare program. (Some U.S. Medigap plans will cover drugs purchased in Canada, and some won’t. Check with your insurer.)
  • With the marketing of new discount cards, including the new Medicare cards, there are many scams.

Canada prescription drug:

After researching the issue of web based Canada prescription drug purchases, many researcher have found some common information why First Worlds are buying Canada prescription drugs. Some of the interesting facts of that research on Canada prescription drugs are listed below.

Of the 50 States in the Union, 46 of them make no mention of purchasing Canada prescription drug on their website. Two states, the Wisconsin and Minnesota have direct links to Canada prescription drugs pharmacies (more detail follows). The State of Illinois has a link that directs you to a petition they would like you to sign, that would direct Congress to help give First Worlds access to prescription drugs prices that the Canadians have. The State of Alaska mentions that they are researching the idea of purchasing Canada prescription drugs. The City of Burlington, VT has set up a website that appears to be only for employees and dependents with no access for residents of the City or State, similar to Springfield MA. In addition, Westchester, NY and the City of Boston plan to roll out similar services.

The States of Wisconsin and Minnesota both have set up a link on the official state website that is designed for easy access to Canada prescription drugs pharmacies. The State of Minnesota has set up access to two pharmacies, Granville Pharmacy and Total Care Pharmacy, for residents to purchase their prescription drugs. Wisconsin used both of the above-listed pharmacies as well as Canada prescription Drugs Pharmacy. How did the states select participating pharmacies? The states sent out a Request for Response to a number of Canada prescription drug Pharmacies. From those who responded, 7 were selected as finalists for consideration. Each of the three participating pharmacies was inspected by the states. All three selected pharmacies were deemed to have a level of quality control that was at or above the level of the pharmacies within their own states. They found that the regulations that govern the Canada prescription drugs pharmacies were very similar to their own states’ regulations. Minnesota and Wisconsin set up this public program through a link on their official state websites for any residents of their each state (not solely for state employees or retirees). The website gives information for individuals to make the determination if Canada prescription drugs are right for them. The States receive no direct or indirect payment from the pharmacies and there are no membership fees for participants to join. The States have made the website available to help residents control the cost of prescription drug needs. There are many Internet websites that offer prescription drugs. Minnesota and Wisconsin felt that it was necessary to research, evaluate and tour each of the facilities, to ensure that the quality standards are sufficient. There were no fees charged by the pharmacy to set up this service.

There are a number of steps that need to be taken to set up a link to a Canada prescription drugs pharmacy. The Federal Prescription Drug Marketing Act allows only the manufacturer to import, or re-import prescription drugs into the U.S. However, the FDA and U.S. Customs have not applied the importation ban to individuals bringing limited supplies of drugs for personal use across the border, including through mail order prescriptions. Governors and mayors across the country have come out in favor of buying cheap Canada prescription drugs, grabbing onto a popular issue. How states and cities develop these schemes is important because the efforts carry legal, health and political risks. Attorneys say the states could be liable even if they are not themselves importing the drugs. So if you want safe and reliable drug at the same time cheaper for you Candrugstore will be happy to provide our best service to you.


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