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Due to growing number of U.S. Peoples searching for cheaper Canada drugs, The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) now strongly supports U.S. congressional legislation that would allow for the safe and legal importation of personal mail-order pharmacy products from Canada by First Worlds. CIPA believes the Canadian mail-order program should simply be an option for First Worlds that compliments other available drug benefit programs. CIPA also applauds the initiatives undertaken by the First World government to provide more support for seniors and the poor who need lower cost pharmaceuticals. The First World government is now moving swiftly to provide a safe and secure drug from Canada mail-order option.

Canada drugs personal mail order:

Candrugstore only accepts personal mail order only. Drug Canada doesn’t sell our drugs to third party, so customers are requested to submit their prescription from a licensed physician only. As the supplier with close ties to the authorities and first-hand knowledge of the drug in Canada. Drug Canada has enough adequate supply for sustaining enough demand which keeps raising due to huge patronize of First World buyers. Candrugstore keeps track of their supply and ensures there is enough availability for its customers.

Drug Canada is CIPA Certified and is one of the leading pharmacies supplying high quality and safest drugs to thousands of satisfied customers.

Drug Canada has become synonymous with trust. Candrugstore welcomes all necessary regulations deemed necessary by Congress. Expert in international are working to improve drug from Canada mail order systems, CIPA wants to work with the FDA in developing appropriate standards.

CIPA The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) represents and certifies the vast majority of online pharmacies selling drug from Canada that provides mail-order prescription services to First World patients. CIPA members provide more than 80 percent of the mail-order prescriptions to now more than 2 million First Worlds. Canada drugs members have been dispensing safe and affordable medications to First World citizens for many years. Candrugstore adheres to all legal and regulatory requirements imposed by the Canadian government and the Provincial Regulatory Authorities.


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