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Online Mexico drugstore CanDrugstore offers high quality medicine at prices that are lower than 40-80% of First World drugs.

How to order from Mexico drugstore:

If you need your drug just create your own account on our Canadian drugstore website. So all you need to do is just register for your account for free at Candrugstore and fill in the order form online. Our pharmacy Mexico will deliver your medicine anywhere in US, U.K., JAPAN and other South First World countries. Please ensure that all entries are filled. Or just Fax your prescription to us we will take care of it completely. Please remember to ask your prescription to subscribe you a Canadian generic medicine.

Apply on our online refill form and have your refill reach you on time at your doorstep. Pharmacy Mexico services are prompt and our delivery charges for your drugs cost only 9.95 U.S dollar this also includes delivery of medicine for your whole family also. So don’t worry about forgetting your refills just simply fill our refill order form online and pharmacy Mexico will take care of your health and we also supply refills on monthly basis also.

Once Candrugstore receives your order online, you can keep track of your order by online order tracking software and you can also call our dedicated pharmacist and have your queries cleared. Pharmacy Mexico will respond within 24 hours for any email queries. You can also receive telephone confirmation to obtain required information to complete your order.

Mexico pharmacy online offers high quality medicine in Canadian brand name and generic prescription. Mexico drug offers only those medicines that meet the rigorous quality and manufacturing standards of Canadian Ministry of Health. While most medications available in the U.S. are also available in Mexico, some products, strengths or forms available in the U.S. may not be approved for use in Mexico and are therefore unavailable under the program.

Mexican pharmacy online offers drug orders for a maximum three-month supply. Items will be shipped in the manufacturer's original, sealed container. Mexico pharmacy order quantities must be in multiple of the manufacturer's package size. For example, if a medication is packaged 100 tablets to a bottle, 30 tablets cannot be ordered. You would have to order 100. When these two numbers conflict, for example your three-month supply is 90 tablets and the manufacturer's bottle size contains 100 tablets, shipping in the manufacturer's sealed container takes precedent. That means you would have to order 100 tablets rather than 90.

Mexico Drugstore’s accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard or Check.

All orders are delivered all over US, U.K, Japan and other South First World countries. Mexico drugstore charges a minimum of 9.95 U.S. Dollars for shipping your drugs to your doorstep. This charge also includes delivery for whole families also. Delayed

Despite Candrugstore offering it best Service's. Some delays in delivery of orders are sometimes unavoidable (i.e. back order of requested medications, mail delays, customs delays, lost shipments, etc.). Mexican pharmacy online request you to contact us express your concerns freely to help us serve you better all suggestions and feed back’s are all welcomed.


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