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What is the Difference Between Brand Name Drugs and Generic Drugs?

One of the most common questions we receive in our call center is: what is the difference between brand-name drugs and generic drugs?” In addition, people often ask why they are cheaper, whether or not they are the same, and are they safe.
First off, generic drugs are essentially the same as their brand name counterparts and they are just as effective. They are also just as safe because they practically have the same composition. The only major difference between brands and generics is the price.

What Are the Differences?

The U.S Food and Drug Administration requires that generic drugs be comprised of the same active ingredients, same quality, and same dosage as the name brand drugs. There are only a few differences, such as their name (which typically refers to the chemical name), their appearance (shape and color) due to trademark laws, and price (which can be a savings of anywhere form thirty to ninety percent).

Why Are Generic Drugs Cheaper?

One of the main reason generic drugs are cheaper is because manufacturers don not have to invest in research, development, and testing of the drug. This initial start up process for the drug can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. In order for the drug company to generate a profit, they charge a massive premium price and instill patent protection which can prevent other companies from producing the drug during that time.

However, after that patent expires, other companies create and sell generic version of that drug once they have made an application to the FDA. Since the generic manufacturers do not have to undergo the same research, development, testing, and marketing costs, they can afford to sell the drug at a significantly reduced price. Additionally, once the patent is lifted, any number of manufacturers can apply to produce the drug so competition among generic drug manufacturers can push the price down even further.

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