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August 2015
What Stigma Means to People with Dementia and How You Can Fight It

The stigma associated with many individuals with dementia is not only inaccurate; it’s harmful in a variety of ways.

July 2015
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sunscreen Using These 4 Methods

How to avoid harmful UV rays this summer.

June 2015
CPPI Hels Americans Get Access To Reduced Prescription Medication

How CPPI is paving the way for Americans to get access to reduced prescription medication costs.

February 2015
Can Low Vitamin D Mean Early Death?

The importance of taking Vitamin D to elongate your life.

April 2013
The Healing Power of a Hug

If your looking to improve your health and well-being this can be done by the simple act of a hug.

March 2013
Scare Off Cancer by Exercising

Don’t let cancer beat you down, attack it first with a great exercise regimint.

February 2013
Get Nuts over Heart Health

A great way to maintain a healthy heart is by adding walnuts to your diet.

January 2013
Depression Increases Dementia in Women

Warning to all women, depression may increase the chances of suffering from dementia.

December 2012
Hangover Season

Don’t let a hangover hinder your holiday spirit, continue to indulge yourself and prepare a possible remedy to tackle any post-party problems.

November 2012
Children Feel Pain Too

Some hospitals are not providing the caring, “kid-friendly” treatment that children need.

October 2012
Preserve your Breath and Stay Alive

For loved ones who are experiencing inability to breath, a new medical breakthrough allows for oxygen to enter the body without the use of the lungs.

Septemeber 2012
The Health Benefits of Taxes

Taxes may be hurting your wallet however it is helping your health.

August 2012
Disadvantage of Not Being a Senior

To all the not yet seniors are you willing to pay money money for health care?

July 2012
The No-Cost Health Tips

The important no-cost tips for all ages which everyone should be aware of.

June 2012
In with the New Health Changes

Keep yourself in the know about the new medical loss ratio change.

May 2012
Mentally Losing Weight

Find out how you can use your mind to shed the extra weight off your body.

April 2012
Could Birth Control Be the Answer to Fighting Off Cancer?

The possible alternative purposes of birth control are revealed, this is showing that fighting cancer may also be on the list.

February 2012
It’s Time to Fall in Love With Your Body Again

Spring is upon us, and you know what that means: Summer is on its way. Want to know how to lose those extra pounds for the beach?

January 2012
New Year, New Weight

In this article we will discuss how depression increases a women’s risk of getting dementia. Also we will discuss how your health is related to both your weight and your age.

December 2011
Stuff Your Face With Healthy Treats

Does it seem like you end up getting sick every holiday season? If so, you’re not alone. The Holidays can be one of the most stressful, ailment-prone times of the year.

November 2011
What is SOPA?

Two pieces of legislation currently on Capitol Hill will block Americans’ rights to order online medication from legal, accredited online pharmacies.

October 2011
Go Nuts While Staying Healthy

Fall is now here, and it’s time to get ready for the cold weather. Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean you should stop your exercise routines.

September 2011
Soak Up the Rays Before Fall Reappears

Summer is coming to an end and fall is following closely behind. Be sure to drink plenty of water and exercise outdoors while the sunshine is still here.

August 2011
School’s Back So is Stress

Summer time is coming to an end and those returning to work or school will be faced with the return of stress. What they don’t realize is that this stress is harming the way that they learn.

July 2011
Shed Some Light on Your Weight

In order to stay trim, a lot of people try and ease up on the sugar and stick with diet colas to shed those pounds. However, did you know that diet colas may come with their own set of health risks?

June 2011
Soak Up the Rays Safely

You may feel tempted to relax outside, and why shouldn’t you? Sunshine can work wonders regardless of what you’re doing outside, whether you are exercising or taking a nap.

May 2011
Clear Your Acne in Time for Spring

Enjoy the spring with a fresh face, no more acne or blemishes. Keep your face clear and radiant just like the sun with acne medication.

April 2011
Bless You and Your Health

Seasonal allergies have been found to be linked to depression. Also now that spring is coming go out and enjoy the fruits and vegtables that nature has to offer.

March 2011
The Allergens are Coming Around Again

Spring is almost here, but are you prepared for the allergy season? Remember to avoid your exposure to pollen as much as possible and to take seasonal allergy medication if necessary.

February 2011
Love Your Sleep

Be sure to keep up with your sleep. Do not deprive yourself of the most important revitalizing treatment for your body, a good eight hour sleep.

January 2011
What You Need to Know for the New Year

After your New Years Eve celebrates start of the year with voice aerobics to keep your voice as good as new. Also keep active and headache free.

December 2010
Tis’ the Season for a Healthy Living

Create a healthy feast for your friends and families during the holiday and do not stress out about all the necessary planning.

November 2010
New Technology is on its Way

Read up on the “smart pill” also why international travel can be harmful to your health. Keep up with all the new medical discoveries.

September 2010
Your Joints Giving Way?

Health is an integral part of all of our lives and it’s important that we do our best to stay informed.

August 2010
Don’t Overheat, Stay Cool

Prevent heat stroke from ruining your morning activites by keeping cool and hydrated. Energy drinks are not a great choice for children give them water while they stay active.

July 2010
Stay Active and Sleep Profoundly

Treat your sleep apnea so you can stay active during the day. Be sure to drink your moderate dose of tea or coffee first thing in the morning also.

June 2010
Don’t Stress be Happy

In this Better Health News issue we will address some key topics that will help to keep you healthy, happy and comfortable over the summer.

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August 10,2010

Americans Look to Canadian Online Pharmacies for Relief from Expensive Prescription Prices and a Lack of Medical Coverage, says CanDrugStore
May 11,2011

Candrugstore and Urge Americans to Fight for Prescription Rights
April 1,2011

Fever in Children: Friend or Foe?


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